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“I believe in stories deployed in collaboration, in interdisciplinary story forms across disciplines and screens, with multiple entry points. They are the future of storytelling. In these experiences, artists and audience are wrapped in ephemeral realities in which people can play an active role.This is already central in progressive live arts and VR experiences. And for such theatrical productions or scénographies in French to deploy with vision and quality, cultural authorship requires a lab to experiment with multiple projections, soundscapes, large-scale print material, untested VR experiences, and bespoke workshops with their chosen set design.”

Claudine Boeglin is creative leader with expertise in clear, impactful and original visual thinking and concepts.

A passionate iconoclast with decades of experience in the visual arts with photography as her language and interactive, non-linear storytelling as her means of escape from the traditional story arc. She is today launching the Floating Lab in East London to provide a stage upon which visual content, technology and the live arts can merge, feed off each other and take on new forms.

Musicians have recording studios to rehearse and master their demos, directors and actors have their theatres, visual artists now have an intimate stage on which to workshop, test, and collaboratively experience their scripts and screenplays in a physical space.

The Floating Lab is a whiteboard with an artistic blueprint, addressing visual authors and artists’ need for somewhere in which to work on long-term stories, and to lay out their content in narrative layers and visual beats. This space is their white cube, where they can compose, elaborate and pitch their stories. More than simply a venue, the Floating Lab is a haven – a safe place designed to shelter the creative process.

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