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Visual Meditations
Promenades à Rome

Text and photography by Claudine Boeglin

La Galeria Nazionale, October 2019

The master pieces of Time Is Out of Joint collide with the ghostly sculptures of Robert Morris in Monumentum [2015-2018]. It is Morris's first retrospective since the artist passed away at the age of 87, from pneumonia in Kingston, New York. The installation’s title, Time is Out of Joint, refers to Shakespeare’s Hamlet [Act I, scene 5]. It expresses his idea that his world is not sane and that things are not as they should be.

In its renewed spaces, the museum offers a profound reinterpretation of the permanent collection. Between whispers and tensions, the curatorial conversation is unconventional, sensual and reflective. A perfect moment of voluptuous solitude. An ode to the tenuous and the monumental.
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