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Claudine Boeglin

“Claudine Boeglin offers 20+ years of creative leadership with expertise in clear, impactful and original visual thinking”
—Becky Rowe, owner & head of research, Revealing Reality London

Meet Claudine Boeglin, a multidisciplinary content creator specializing in bespoke, handmade site concepts, and digital communication.

Drawing from years of experience in visual journalism and multimedia production, Claudine leverages the power of storytelling to amplify voices and brands worldwide.

Photography is her alphabet and the spine of the carrier.

She founded Dandy Vagabonds as a one-woman-show in New York, following a failed pitch of the eponymous name to Magnum Photos in 2007. Dandy Vagabonds, the name, pays homage to lens-based artists, auteurs, and institutions investing reality through place-based research, digital anthropology, and critical thinking.

In collaboration with her childhood friend Jérôme Guckenheim, a senior developer, Claudine seamlessly integrates content into code, experimenting with prototypes and writing concepts into templates. Their collaboration is serving independent creators, cultural organizations, and for-profit businesses in New York, London, Beirut, Istanbul, and Lisbon. Write anytime.

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