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Claudine Boeglin

Jérôme Guckenheim

Laura Rooney

Claudine Boeglin is creative leader with expertise in clear, impactful and original visual thinking and concepts.

“I believe in stories deployed in collaboration, in interdisciplinary story forms across disciplines and screens, with multiple entry points. They are the future of storytelling. In these experiences, artists and audience are wrapped in ephemeral realities in which people can play an active role.This is already central in progressive live arts and VR experiences. And for such theatrical productions or scénographies in French to deploy with vision and quality, cultural authorship requires a lab to experiment with multiple projections, soundscapes, large-scale print material, untested VR experiences, and bespoke workshops with their chosen set design.”

A passionate iconoclast in visual storytelling, CB stands for creative activism and breaking down barriers separating the artistic, anthropological and academic disciplines to uncover new ways of experiencing visual arts. She operates from the in Hackney; an intimate setting to screenplay, brainstorm and rehearse. There she aims to conduct curated experiences where author, audience and artwork converge in uniquely shared moments.

In this vein, her Manifesto We Own the Night written for the International Center of Photography in 2018, called for a new way of being immersed in photography, spoken words, music and ideas. It eschews the traditional gallery in favour of small gatherings where artwork can be passed from hand to hand by the audience, projected onto walls and discussed in what she coined as #criticaljamming conversations that bring together artists, thinkers and experts to riff on a central theme.

CB designs invisible architecture between people, spaces, and stories. She stands by complex non-linear story forms. She dreams of presenting visual arts alongside soundscapes that capture – alternatively or together, the voices of the subject[s] and the author; for stories to be told by poets, actors, musicians.

For her, reality is the new fiction; an arresting twinning of fact and metaphor.

Join her vision
Support the as a space for bespoke workshops, storyboards and rehearsals; a stage for conversations among artists, producers and publishers. The Floating Lab could become casual and quiet space for London’s community of independent visual producers.

This project is seeking contributions from institutions such as the International Center of Photography, World Press Photo, Magnum Foundation, Thomson Reuters Foundation, and the Arts Council of England.

Projects supported by the established institutions also build a spirit of collaboration where visual artists, publishers, curators and producers in the field of the visual arts could gather in East London to create.

Dandy Vagabonds was founded in 2007 in New York as a one-[wo]man company. The name is a tribute to visual authors documenting the real alongside its fictions through research, observation, investigation, analysis, critical thinking; from scripts to lens to code to UX design.

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