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Winter's Bones
Snowman's Nose
Text and photography Claudine Boeglin

Byzantine anthracite greys ascertain the Winter
In abysmal stillness stand raw-boned tree-sentinels

Fields lie fallow in repose
A moody sport court is covered in frost
The earth is powdered in what seems toxic waste

All of a sudden
Strident silver lights
blind deers and drivers
A tree becomes scarecrow
A crow caws
The car eclipses
In blurry depth of field
Silence carves in

Winters whisper,
Winter whispers,
Afternoon lights dim down at 3
To transvestite in midnight hour

A stream of music plays afar
Nils Frahm skims a violin in Berlin

But nothing can elevate the sky
In Post-European London
Nothing can elevate the sky..
threateningly low from Baku to Moscow

Furrows of snow build soggy mud
Silhouettes in black coats curve
a bit more–defeated by hopeless cold

Winters whisper,
Winter whispers,
A Dirty Lullaby

For bears fasting in hibernation
To sleep premium
Shamelessly unreachable

For wild horses of the New Forest
To brush off their fluffy hair And melancholia

A magnolia leaf is dripping
In the cacophony of thicker silence
One can hear his own pulse
And his demons murmur

Winters whisper,
Winter whispers,
Inaudible melodies
A snowman wearing a hat
Stands submissive to kids’ mockeries
The cold bites the stroke of his ears
With no mercy

The snowman loves the cold
Snowflake addict
Seasonal cocainomane
Out of fear of melting

Winters whisper,
Winter whispers,
White noise

A white cherry tree blossoms
Winter missed its ordeal
No climax nor love story

The bear never met the snowman
The snowman ultimately melted
Exposed and humiliated
A rabbit ate his carrot nose

Winters whisper,
Winter whispers,
Until even the whisperer
Lost his lines

© Dandy Vagabonds 2020