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Between duality, layers and stories accidentally forgotten

Fidel Évora was born in 1984 in Cape Verde and raised in Barreiro, Portugal. Particularly connected with the fields of street art ‘graffiti’ and contemporary visual arts, his artwork cross-references these influences around African and urban cultures. His overall practice rests on researching and bringing to light dialogues and stories forgotten. In this exhibition, we can observe this gesture of unveiling and exploration, notions of the Self and the Other, and on transparency and opacity. OXI DRETU, MANHAM MARIÁDU means ’Today Good, Tomorrow Complicated,’ it further instils this binary the artist desires to convey – in life and how we approach it [seeing both the good and bad in situations], and in the meanings behind the works.

Download text by curator Maria de Brito Matias
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Fidel Évora review in Bantumen

MOVART is a platform for artists in provenance and working in Africa. Founded by Spanish curator, entrepreneur Janire Bilbao in Luanda, Angola. MOVART is also a gallery located Rua João Penha 14ª, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The exhibition OXI DRETU, MANHAM MARIÁDU is shown at MOVART, Lisbon.

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