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Brotherhood TBH

Film & Photography by Claudine Boeglin

London 2016. The Brotherhood is an emerging collective of spoken word artists, creative writers, music producers and designers. The film is the first tale of four brothers born and raised in South London. Dxggz, FazeOne and John grew up in Peckham, South East London and moved to Rotherhithe nineteen years ago. Dxggz met Magero in 2005, over a pair of Nike shoes each were selling to the same guy and became brothers in soul. Dxggz and Magero’s tight friendship has evolved into an art collective. They were both FLO Poets, a collective of spoken word artists put together by the ‘Floacist’ (One half of the group Floetry). In 2016 soon after the release of the documentary, Dxggz & Magero started performing at BoxedIN and FLO Vortex in Shoreditch. The rest is history.

I met 'the brothers' on the Rotherhithe overground platform in April 2015. They were standing in line, looming 6.3 tall, smartly dressed, and interacting with one another in playful chemistry. The interaction is what intrigued me. At Shoreditch High Street where we all came out, I asked them 'What’s your story?’ 'We’re brothers’, they said. This is their story.

Tunnel Vision by Dxggz and Magero was recorded in January 2016 at Alex James’ studio in Bruce Grove, North London. Production and mix, FazeOne. The Brotherhood documentary: direction Claudine Boeglin. Montage by video artist Tia Dunn. Music by FazeOne. Film duration 6.35’. 2016 DandyVagabonds.
London 2019. The Brotherhood is still an indefectible collective of ideas, poetry, design and music. August 31, 2019, Edward and Gbemi celebrated their union in Essex in a traditional Nigerian wedding and the following week in Malta with family and friends. Magero has become the father of a baby boy and signed his first script with the BBC. Michael is an independent music producer and composer @fazeonemusic, and John is currently doing a MBA in International Business at University of Sussex.

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