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Portraits in Collaboration
Summer 2018

Photography Claudine Boeglin

Portraits in Collaboration is a visual conversation where one agrees to set to lights and the other to tame the lights. It’s a furtive exchange dipped in mutual respect. A series of images emerges, either through a shared edit or a freestyle composition.

Brooklyn Summer 2018. I met Camile on the subway platform of the infamous G Train. We agreed to meet a Friday of July 2018 for a couple of hours between Lexington and Franklin. Golden hour. Camile chose who she wanted to be in the pictures playing with her hair, smiling, reflecting, experimenting in presence of the lens and myself behind. Previously she had confide: "I'll admit, I'm not very comfortable in front of a camera so it may take a bit of practice!”. I too experienced with portraits in such a frontal and consented moment and found it overwhelmingly difficult to know how to photograph Camile as close as possible to whom she wanted to see portrayed. When I returned to London I sent Camile the batch of pictures for her to chose the images she liked. She wrote back with a list of files and those words: "I was surprised by how much I loved the ones of me smiling - thank you for capturing that." I often look at Camile’s pictures. They remind me of the furtive moment we shared. The people passing by couldn't resist making comments and we would be ignoring them… This series is the beginning of a conversation with Camile. I’d love to pair Camile’s pictures with something of her production; words, playlist, images, places of Brooklyn… A growing conversation… Soon more…

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