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Series in collaboration
Food Lab,
Social art and architecture

Photography by Claudine Boeglin

“I have an enormous pleasure – maybe selfish, to see people having fun out of a moment I have created. It’s better than sex, drugs or anything else.”
Marwan Badran, British Iraqi artist and pioneer chef in fusion cuisine

Spacious and elegant, Chateau Engalin is a 18th century residence with a fully equipped food lab in Occitania, South West France.

The contemporary mas – close to fortified villages and local markets, is a modular platform to host experiences.

With husband Jeremy – a British entrepreneur in the shipping industry, British-Iraqi chef Marwan Badran has designed Engalin as a playful picture-perfect stage for togetherness in South Europe. The food lab he envisioned and masters all year around, is open for workshops and bespoke experiences.
Food Lab, social art and architecture
Photography by Claudine Boeglin
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