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The Dudes, a Berlin Affair in Hackney

Photo by @dandyvagabond

The Dudes is a store leaning, nonchalant, against The Premises Cafe on Hackney Road in London East End. Co-owner-artist MCBESS built his aesthetics into a trademark. The store is a Berlin transplant from Dudes Factory founded in 2010 by a bunch of friends with gold on their finger tips: “the core ideal of The Dudes is to keep the creative process fresh, fun and relevant to their lifestyles which combines art, music, the culinary arts and a huge range of other subcultures like skateboarding, tattoos and graffiti all seamlessly merged into the unique brand that it is today.” Nothing more.

Photography by Claudine Boeglin @dandyvagabond @PremisesStudios #Hackney #London

Photography by Claudine Boeglin @dandyvagabond @PremisesStudios #Hackney #London

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