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Visual Essay
Shoreditch 2014 – 2019
The Sheltering Sky

Photography Claudine Boeglin

This project aims to re-enact visually the exact locations and pictures taken in Shoreditch around the independent music venue, Village Underground in 2014. The focus of this project is to show how fast desirable trendy urban spaces change and how much sky eaten up for whom was in before the golden rush.

Village Underground launched in 2007, "with the aim of building affordable studios for creative people who were struggling to get a foothold in London. And so four tube carriages and two shipping containers were converted into co-working spaces." Here is the story.

A new series of pictures will be taken at the eve of 2019 to reflect upon and question public space, belonging and whom it belongs. In other words: “Who owns the city?” The ones who built its cultural landmarks and people’s memories for strates of generations or the ones who grab and own its lands and stones?

Although this is now tightly intricate in a time where more and more real estate developers bring entertainment at the heart of their compounds as a community builder, it requires to look closely at the power dynamic and support given to truly indie enterprises.
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