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Sónar Lisboa

Songwriter Eu.Clides brings the music heritage of Cape Verde to a new dimension
Pavilhão Carlos Lopes

Clides was born in Praia, Cape Verde, May 6, 1996. From an early age he dedicated himself to music and at the age of eight he entered the Conservatory in Aveiro, where he began his studies in classical guitar. In 2016, his musical prouesse takes him to Paris, a city that consecrates him as a guitarist, interacting with singers and musicians from other origins. First tour in Senegal with Daara J Family and later with the Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade. His song "Terra-Mãe" (Motherland) launched his solo songwriter carrier. A tribute to Freedom and the 25th of April 1974. The songs Ira Para Quê? and Tempo Torto in collaboration with Branko followed. He played at Imminente 2021. Source bio

At @SonarLisboa, Eu.Clides softly kicks off the last day. It’s a lazy afternoon with glorious skies and desert winds. His unique voice feels slightly trapped indoor but not for his clube de fãs, palpably moved, in awe of his songwriter talents.

On the first row: Ruth, Bailey, Cecily & Kimmy fire up the dancefloor. It took them an evening to decide which day to book for Sonar, and a chilled afternoon in bed watching Call Me By Your Name to recover.

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08.09.10 April 2022 @sonarlisboa

Images & text by Claudine Boeglin @dandyvagabond
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