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Lisboa | Lisboa
Máscara & Masquerade

June 2021

Lisbon has the architectural allure and patina of cities holding space in my memories. It is as if Trastevere, Roma, Cijangir, Istanbul, Mar Michael, Beirut and Le Marais, Paris were its confluents. With her haughty verticality and seven hills under pink-blues electric skies, Lisbon is my future 'Casinha Irresoluta’. Together we will congregate towards unknown futures. In June, I was rolling down the meander of its toboggan-streets with a childlike laugh until finally breaking my sandal string eroded by its uneven pavements. The city is a playful playground for creative souls, a haven for remote working, a place for dandy vagabonds counting their lost feathers while combing the others in its Northern wind, La Nortada.

Some of these images were taken at Jardim Botânico in Principe Real, Ai Wei Wei’s retrospective ‘Rapture’ at Cordoaria Nacional, at the Museu da Marioneta in Santos, and at the oblong MAAT along the Tagus.
Photography © Claudine Boeglin | | @dandyvagabond

Part 1 | Part 2

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