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Rock paper scissors…

Photography and text Claudine Boeglin @dandyvagabond

The ocean and its instrumental currents influence both the coastal weather and global climate. Human beings fish its innards, surf its waves, and at times burn on its shores. Humans keep interacting with the ocean without ever winning a battle. The ocean, majestic and telluric in its metronomic tumult and unpredictable moods, speaks of an untameable power dynamic. Although its strengths of waves and surrounding winds are dissected on apps such as #surfline and #windguru, there is something compelling in not knowing what the ocean is up to that certain day or hour. Running back and forth its edges, taking pictures became a conversation. When the ocean folds in its tides, shells and seaweed are spit out on the wet sand. The sun from silver becomes gold. A few crabs make it to the edge, rolling in and out the foam. The rocks that obstruct the ocean’s flow, force it into divisions creating randomly overlapping shapes. The soundscape is overwriting spotify. There isn't ever silence near the ocean, nor stillness. Movement is the heartbeat by default.

From the village of São Bernardino, one can chose between two beaches. On the right, Praia de São Bernardino is a cove secured by a lifeguard and the newly launched SB Beach Bar. On the left, Praia de Frades is a stretch of endless beach viewed from its rocky shoreline; accessible through a strenuous descent. If you love nature, surf, the ocean and are vegetarian or vegan, Nova Villa #ondanovavilla is where to experience this still secretive part of the Peniche Peninsula.

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