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by Mário Macilau

Mário Macilau was born in 1984 in Mozambique. Trained as a documentary photographer, he is the auteur of Growing In Darkness [Kehrer, 2016]. On instagram, he defines himself as a “human rights / environmental activist”. Macilau seeks to encourage positive exchanges between cultures, places and perspectives. In his work Shadows Of Time, Macilau overlays realities, fictions, imperialisms and its myths. In its fourth dimension, his work challenges our own perception of reality and representation of his country–often distorted by decades of visual stereotypes and stigmas. MOVART Gallery, founded by curator / entrepreneur Janire Bilbao in Angola and Portugal, is a platform for artists in provenance and working in Africa.

MOVART is a platform for artists in provenance and working in Africa. Founded by Spanish curator / entrepreneur Janire Bilbao in Luanda, Angola, MOVART is now also a gallery located Rua João Penha 14ª, #Lisbon.

The exhibition SHADOWS OF TIME is shown until the 3rd of November 2021 at MOVART, Lisbon.

"Há tanto amor que não se dá
Furor espalhado pelos ramos do coraçāo.
O universo é cego à dor que rói por dentro
É surdo para o clamor da voz nobre de amor
Há tanto amor que se perde
Mágoas perdidas em todo lugar”

Mario Macilau

A suggested translation in English and French:

So much love is kept private, retained
Uproar spreads through one's heart.
Our inner pain is invisible to the universe
Love's noble outcry goes unheard
So much love goes astray
Lost sorrow roams everywhere

Il y a tellement d'amour retenu
La fureur se répand dans les branches du cœur.
L'univers est aveugle à la douleur qui ronge l'intérieur
Il est sourd au cri de la noble voix de l'amour
Il y a tellement d'amour qui se perd
De chagrin errant partout

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