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Series in collaboration
May Exits May
Brexit Meant Nothing

Photography by Claudine Boeglin

‘Brexit means Brexit’ was the peremptory signature of the U.K. prime Minister Theresa May while candidate for Conservative Party leader, July 11 2016.
Almost three years later, 24 May 2019, she resigns. How many of us were the yoyos of her broken-record mantra and the door she slammed at Angel Merkel’s traum of a generous Europe? From London Fields to Hackney Road, I walked along the aftermaths of a political debacle that started poorly after all, with the unforgettable vision of a politician hand in hand with Donald Trump. Now what? Alike the Betty Boop, May is handing up the baby…

Goodbye Hello, Antonin. Let’s prove you right on the future of the island.

Food Lab, social art and architecture
Photography by Claudine Boeglin
© Dandy Vagabonds 2019