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Multimedia performances | Image realized by Capac Roberts
10 2009
Video Installations and multimedia performances

A multimedia live performance during a month in an art space. A framework for creative collaborations using open source thinking.

This concept is a live multidisciplinary studio and series of performances to unfold in a public space. Video installations will become dynamic, conversational and interactive; photographs will seize free from their distant glass frames and expand in new ways.

A traditional gallery space will become an open stage for people to perform, meet, and interact. Alike a music club, special guests will be invited to VJ {DJing with visual content}. VJ guests will be established visual artists, art curators and photo editors as well as emerging talents in these fields. They will curate photographic and film content directly in situ. The video production and motion graphics will be produced by video designers interested in performing their talent live.

The performance aims to offer the public a direct access behind the scenes of visual storytelling and production. No barrier will be set between the curators, the video editors and the audience allowed to interact with the people at work. The showcase will take place in the evenings to be far from daylight and convey an atmosphere close to the artist's atelier and the poetry reading.

The 3D projection [on the above] is a mock up using Magnum Photos images and the hypothetical space Clic, on Centre Street, New York. We hope for this project to find its concretisation in the most progressive galleries of Manhattan, Williamsburg and Dumbo. The project offers great potentials for clever partnerships and sponsorship; it can be initiated around the launch of a mobile, a still or motion camera, a software, a soft-drink, or a fashion brand. A series of merchandising items of a new gender will become trace-objects and sensorial-markers of a momentum night.

How can anybody learn anything from an artwork when the piece of art only reflects the vanity of the artist and not reality?

Lou Reed