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01 2010
Manifesto For The Future Of Media
Concept + Proposal

Today’s audience uses all available technologies to gain a voice / raise their voices / interact / act. Online media that rely on the fate of breaking news is growing obsolete, useless, and powerless to the audience - with or without a business model. To refuse the fatality of breaking news is to refuse the sensationalism of reality TV.

The absence of new business models has left corporate media and traditional ad agencies weak in their current state of hierarchical, expensive, sedentary, and predatory practices.

The past was to capture creative minds in costly fortresses, minimizing creative risks with the most important news or oversimplified and sweetened messages. The future is to sustain a permanent creative flux, developing emerging talents. New visions will develop through media labs supported by global brands, and fueled by participatory audiences.

People identify, relate, and communicate through the prism of influential brands. Through the skateboard brand Supreme for instance, an entire community meets, interacts, and builds edge. Global brands are engaged in social and global issues, and those representing highly ethical standards and long-term thinking build respect and value.

In a transparent world the poor are no longer ignorant of the world of the rich, and the rich have lost the privilege of denial. They may choose to ignore the tragedies of the developing world, but it is a choice they must make consciously and, increasingly, at their own peril.

D. Moïsi – The Geopolitics of Emotion