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Changing The Reality Of Haiti | Image Dandy Vagabonds
04 2009
Changing The Reality Of Haiti/ Acting For Preventive Media
Concept + PDF Proposal

This project has been written in April 2009 by Claudine Boeglin, further her trip to Port-Au-Prince. The proposal was presented to several people in media for reaction and eventually for an engagement. Often the question was: "Why Haiti?". A year later, the answer seems obvious. But in 2009, Haiti was already walking on a society's rumbles. The question now is: how much could we anticipate and prevent such a disaster and its consequences? Shouldn't we be in emergency mode for what could happened next? Should we help building ground prior to the seism to reduce the damages and the pain. Here is an extract of the project as written in 2009.

While “The Rich Have The Blues” [Le Monde] and Western countries are learning to become poor, we might soon ask Haiti how the country did it for so long. Haiti will need to find the strength to rebuild its foundation and develop a social middle ground while providing adapted and accessible utilities, family planning, and educational platforms.

What can be done when politics express failures or limitations in governance? What will come next when ally countries and humanitarian resources will have to reduce subsides? What will be the form of our 21st century universal conscience to operate in an integral world? Pandemics, water shortages, and climate change ignore borders. We are all interconnected and interdependent. That should be enough to think beyond borders and national politics for such problem solving, and it should encourage us all to share knowledge and actions with and within organizations sharing similar focuses and concerns.

What are the existing rights and ways of living in Haiti? Why don’t we ask idl.org about the rights to property, hrw.org about a human rights report, Open Society Institute about the country’s social and cultural needs? What are the commuting and trading systems like? What fails in the current infrastructures? What could KIVA do to help the women in their businesses? What could the new-generation of Haitian housing built through Architecture for Humanity look like? A broader, collaborative, think tank with such organizations could build a collective roadmap for action in an unprecedented form. And this form can serve as a template for further change in other countries.

Although existing sites report on Haiti, there is little online to make Haiti an understandable and accessible culture for everyone, particularly in the preparation of the elections. And storytelling is the first tool used to incite greater involvement.

Out of the sky, the birds, the parrots, the bells, silk, cloth, and drums, out of sundays dancing, children’s words and love words, out of love for the little fists of children, i will build a world, my world with round shoulders.

Aimé Césaire, Poet and Militant